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Podcast Episode 009: Internet Love

Even though it’s 2014 many people are wary – even unbelieving – when it comes to finding someone online who’s a great candidate for dating, relating and mating. Is it truly possible to meet a non-Black man online who is interested in an interracial relationship with a Black woman? What happens when the exchanges moves offline – and into real life?

 Gynger Fyer, aka The Romance Arsonist and a guest on Podcast 006, revisits the show, this time to share with Adrienne and Michelle of The Swirl World how she connected with her beau, “M.”

A bonus: M is on the show and gives his side of the story. Gynger and M also share tips, tricks, Do’s and Don’ts for successful online dating, and list the steps they took to make sure they were not being “Catfished.”

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