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Highlights & Dating Tips from Week 3 of 50 Days of Dating

Week 3 of 50 Days of Dating was chock full of dates! Rachel also engaged in quite a bit of soul searching on the subject of chemistry. In addition to chemistry, she discusses the friend zone, long distance dating, screening processes, jerks and why she uses a “dating phone.”  She also shares the mental cost…

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50 Days of Dating – Week 1 Recap!

Adrienne and Michelle catch up with Rachel Robinson, fresh off her first week of “50 Days of Dating.” In addition to lots of laughter and shenanigans, the ladies drop knowledge concerning employing a PURPOSEFUL and INTENTIONAL strategy for interracial online dating.

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Success Talk With Rachel Robinson

Co-Hosts Adrienne London Leach and Michelle Matthews-Calloway engage in some good old “girl talk” with new contributor Rachel Robinson. Rachel talks about divorce, life in Turkey and Greece, and her determination to succeed. She also provides her insights on the best way to travel – and the best way to swirl.

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Podcast Episode 009: Internet Love

Even though it’s 2014 many people are wary – even unbelieving – when it comes to finding someone online who’s a great candidate for dating, relating and mating. Is it truly possible to meet a non-Black man online who is interested in an interracial relationship with a Black woman? What happens when the exchanges moves…

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